Proper Sun Protection for Eczema Sufferers


We are heading into the blasting rays of summer this year and you can protect your eczema prone skin from the sun and further damage done by its harmful rays. People who have skin disorders are more prone to skin cancer so protecting yourself as the sun’s rays become more intense this season is a great idea. Sun skin care is just as important as everyday skin care, if not more important.

Types of Sunblock

  • Natural

There is protection from the sun from eating coconut oil and even applying it to your skin. The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil do provide a bit of sun protection! This is good news, but do not rely solely on this as it absorbs into your skin pretty quickly. Keep in shaded areas and wear a hat as well as longer sleeves and pants. Health food stores and natural based companies also sell sun protection with natural zinc in it. Zinc is great for coating the skin because it does not allow the harmful rays to penetrate. It does leave the skin a bit white but it is worth the compromise to vain cancer risk.

  • Commercial

There are limitless brands of sun care available in the commercial market. It is wise to read the ingredients and do your own research on the effects that commercial sunblock can have on your body. These products are available anywhere and easy to obtain. As eczema patients are more prone to cancer you can feel at least better using something rather than nothing.

Levels of Sunblock Needed

If you are using commercial sunblock a sun protection factor of 30 is the maximum benefit needed, anything higher is just overkill. Water proof sunblock is a great idea if you are participating in water based activities. Water reflects the sun and can increase the chance of burning your sensitive skin. Always re apply no matter how long the water proof sunblock says it will last. Every 2 hours is a good plan to re-apply.

Protective Clothing

Always wear longer sleeves and pant legs if you are going to be in the sun for longer periods of time. Not all clothing protects from the harmful rays of the sun so choose wisely.

Wear a Hat

A wide brimmed hat is your best friend for sun protection. The nose and ears get the brunt of too much sun. These are more common for getting skin cancer, as well. Hats are fashionable and fun to wear and getting a great summer hat will extend the life of your eczema prone skin, even if your treatment takes all your symptoms away you should always protect your more sensitive skin. Carrying a sun umbrella is a great idea too.

Time in the Sun

Exposure and burning is not good for eczema patients, or anyone. Plan your outings well and expect to find shade and plan to spend the bulk of your time there. The longer you stay in the sun the more chance there is of burning, even though some types of clothing if they do not protect sufficiently.

You can make great and wise sun choices for your more sensitive eczema prone skin and live a longer and healthier life in the process.