Scalp Eczema Rescue Remedies


You find yourself in a daily routine or scratching, inspecting, scraping and sighing over your itchy scalp. Searching for scabs from previous excavations becomes the norm, where you cannot leave your sore skin alone. But when someone else notices your hair is dusted with flakes of dry skin or loosened scabs, you vow to never scratch again, until the next itch and unconsciously you are reaching again.

If you’ve ever suffered with scalp eczema, you thoroughly understand that stab of pain as you run a brush or comb through your hair, especially on those particularly dry days, not to mention dry skin residue in your hair and on your clothing. As you cannot see this sort of eczema it is difficult to gauge the amounts of dry skin released from your scalp as well as the damage to your actual skin with washing, scratching and open sores.

Here are some tips to rescue your scalp (and your clothes) from symptoms of scalp eczema:

  1. Use oil to apply on scalp. We usually remember to moisturize skin on the rest of the body, but our scalp is easily neglected. Soften or melt coconut oil and then rub gently into your scalp. There are other soothing, natural oils available as well. After application, drape a towel around your head, preferable a warm one straight from the dyer, and allow the oil to penetrate and moisturize your skin through the night. You might need an extra towel to protect your pillow.
  2. Comb out your scalp, paying specific attention to the extra portions of dry skin, then wash with a mild or medicated shampoo. Some active ingredients in medicated shampoo need to be left on the scalp for a few minutes to do its job. Washing hair every day, you have probably noticed, is not helpful as it can really dry out the scalp and exacerbate your eczema.
    Use EczeMate cream to maintain scalp health and heal significant breakouts.
  1. Use EczeMate cream to maintain scalp health and heal significant breakouts. Apply cream to scalp and let the EczeMate soak into your skin fully, preferably overnight and if possible, for a couple of days since the product does not lose its efficacy and it therefore, saves on product. Wash hair with apple cider vinegar or a very mild shampoo and re-apply product and continue with this process until your scalp is clear.

While it seems near impossible to not scratch the incessant itch that afflicts those with scalp eczema, keeping your nails short so that your “scratching” is more like “massaging” will help immensely in your skin’s ability to heal.

You stopped wearing black long ago to avoid the dry skin dusting that inevitably follows that fashion choice. But that is good news, and a bit of color can make the day seem brighter and with a little self-care your scalp issues not so much of an issue anymore.