Childhood Eczema Is On The Rise


Over the last decade the rise of childhood eczema has more than doubled. Atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is more than just dry and itchy skin, it can be a life altering condition. Skin disorders, including eczema, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, were present in about 8 percent of children in 2000 and in the year 2010 it was closer to 15 percent. This is a huge increase in such a short amount of time.

Keep Your Kids Eczema Under Control

Besides the obvious reasons of why it’s important to keep your child’s eczema under control because it will help them be more comfortable and sleep better, there are some other reasons to consider. First, eczema makes it much easier to get a skin infection which can cause some serious complications if not taken care of immediately. Next, you must consider how having eczema affects your child’s self esteem and mental health. Children do not like to feel like they are missing out on normal activities or to be different than other children. Eczema has several side effects that can leave a child feeling depressed or left out. Not finding a way to control or heal your child’s eczema can lead to a life time of unneeded pain and suffering.

Risks In Treating Eczema With Topical Steroids

Topical steroids are effective with treating childhood eczema but they are extremely dangerous because of their side effects. Steroid creams only can be used for a short duration and can lead to steroid addiction, steroid withdrawal, and a rebounding effect that can even make eczema worse.

EczeMate Heals Childhood Eczema

Finding a natural product that not only treats childhood eczema but actually allows for your child’s eczema to heal is crucial. EczeMate is 100% natural and safe for children, without side effects and will actually heal the skin over time to prevent flare ups. EczeMate creates a barrier that protects the skin while it heals. If you or your child is suffering from eczema it is time to use EczeMate, it has a money back guarantee. Your and your child’s comfort is worth it!