About Us


“My name is Dr. Andrei Nedostupenko, or as my patients like to refer to me as Dr. Andrei. I’m a research scientist and former cardiovascular surgeon and chief medical doctor for the Russian Olympic team.”
“When it comes to suffering from eczema, I’m just like you.”
“Eczema didn’t kill me, but it literally took my life away, and it prevented me from doing what I loved most which was performing surgery and saving lives.”
“Since developing EczeMate I find myself once again in a position to change and in some cases save lives.”
“I’m personally available to answer any questions you may have.”*

-Dr. Andrei Nedostupenko

About Our Company

Here at EczeMate, we strive to take away the itching, scratching, burning, and general misery, that those who suffer with eczema know all too well.
Our Mission:
To return your skin to a clear, natural, healthy condition; to help you regain self-confidence; and to enable you to start enjoying life once more.