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EczeMate works with the body naturally to heal even the most severe cases of eczema. Once applied, the soothing formula works immediately. EczeMate’s constant delivery system continues to work as long as it is present on the skin.

Antimicrobial and antiseptic properties rid the skin of pathogens and irritants while allowing it to breathe. It binds with the skin and locks in moisture while delivering essential fatty acids and antioxidants to the affected area.

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I’m Blown Away!!!

Eczemate, I am honestly out of words! I don’t know how to start to explain how remarkable your product is.. I used this for only 40 HOURS total and my Eczema is GONE! What you don’t know is that I have tried every ointment, even oral medications, natural remedies, even my visits to the Dermatologist were in vain!.. I showed it to my sister and she can’t believe the results! Amazing! At first, I thought this product was one of the many advertisements out there that’s a rip-off. I proved to myself that this definitely, absolutely works!

Unbelievable Effectiveness

I am a clinical Osteopath who has suffered as many with Eczema including losing both hips from the use of Prednisone.

I will put my professional reputation on the line saying that I support this product 100%. The difference is in both the ingredients and the medium used that being beeswax. It stays on all night even on the face. Incredible.

Kelli B. Verfied Buyer

This works!!!

This product is amazing!! I used it on my two year old granddaughter and within two days I could see drastic changes. I would recommend this product to others.

Eternally Grateful Mother - Verified Buyer

My daughter is now eczema free

I wanted to let you know that I used your fantastic EczeMate cream on my daughter, it worked wonders. I am overjoyed to report that she is now eczema free. I’ve been spreading the word about EczeMate.

Two year old son

Our son got eczema when he was approximately six months old. His mother and I, had tried everything, but nothing before EczeMate worked. I regret that I didn’t learn about your product until my son was already two years old. Once we started using EczeMate on him, he had relief for the first time in his young life. It works well, in that it doesn’t rub off easily. It is the only cream that has ever been able to effectively treat his eczema and his condition.

Lavon - Verified Buyer

Four month old granddaughter

Thank you. I used the 1/2 oz EczeMate cream on my four month old granddaughter. Eczema was everywhere on her body, which caused her to grunt and squirm when she slept. One evening, I rubbed the EczeMate everywhere the eczema was present on her little body: head, elbows, legs, ankles, head, chest and back. The next morning, the skin irritation that is normally very red and welted, was instead a light pink. It has continued to improve until her skin is clear. We are extremely happy!

Colin - Verified Buyer

Our six month old baby

Our six month old daughter’s body had been covered with eczema for three months. My wife and I had tried different creams and bath emollients recommended to us by our pediatrician; we even tried traditional Chinese medicine. I couldn’t believe the effect it had on our daughter; literally within seconds of the cream being applied, she stopped scratching her skin, something she did constantly. We watched as the fiery redness of the eczema gradually decreased. We began to treat her everyday with EczeMate, and as a result, it has given her a happier, more contented existence. We want others to know about how well your product works!

Kari - Verified Buyer

EczeMate was a lifesaver for my family

EczeMate was a lifesaver for my family; both of my daughters had horrendous eczema on their faces. We used several over-the-counter remedies to no avail. Afterward, we went to a number of dermatologists, who prescribed a variety of medications. The medications, however, merely masked the symptoms of eczema, and did nothing to heal their skin. I was very concerned about the damaging effects of long term steroid use. I decided to do research online and came across your EczeMate website. I was desperate for help, and purchased EczeMate after reading the comments left by your customers. Within days of using EczeMate, my daughters not only had relief from the itching, soreness and irritation, but after several months, the skin on their faces looked healthy and radiant. It has been about a year since I first bought EczeMate; one of my daughters continues to use the product daily, while the other only needs it periodically. I am beyond grateful for EczeMate. Thanks!