What is Eczema?


The embarrassment and shame. The changes you’ve had to make to your life- and the effect it’s had on family, friends and loved ones. Eczema is many things to many people. But to the more than 35 million people suffering from it- young and old, it can be summed up in one word. Insufferable.”
Eczema is a highly uncomfortable skin rash that creates scaly, itchy, dry skin patches on any part of the body. Symptoms include patchy, irritated skin typically accompanied by a consistent, relentless itch. Over time, inflammation can cause skin to crack, split and bleed.”
“Beyond the physical effects of eczema, psychological and emotional factors are just as difficult to manage and often people lose hope after trying endless homeopathic therapies, over the counter treatments and prescription medications. The costs keep adding up as the Eczema keeps getting worse.”
“As of this writing, doctors, medical professionals and researchers don’t know what causes eczema. And there is no cure. But now after years of research and formulations there IS an effective treatment. EczeMate.”*

-Dr. Andrei Nedostupenko