Eczema Isn’t Just Skin Deep


When diagnosed with eczema there are several other health issues that can an effect on the quality life of a patient. There is a physical and mental component to eczema that should be addressed. Often times other medical issues come up when eczema is a health concern.

Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, is characterized as itchy skin and red patches. It is usually diagnosed early in life and can be outgrown or continued throughout life. Some speculate that 25% of all children suffer from eczema and over 7 million adults.

  • Asthma, food allergies, and hay fever are common health issues that accompany eczema. In some cases cardiovascular disease and obesity are also possible health conditions. There is no clear connections to why these health issues are related, other than the entire body is inflamed. Eczema can also impact sleep and health habits negatively.
  • Infection is another health issue to consider when dealing with eczema. Atopic dermatitis compromises the skin barrier and can lead to impetigo, sores, cellulitis, and other serious bacterial skin infections. There are some other skin conditions such as swelling, warmth, redness, tenderness, and pain that are common side effects to eczema. The immune system is compromised which can lead to urinary tract and respiratory tract infections.
  • Mental health is another consideration when dealing with eczema. Depression and anxiety is a normal response to dealing with eczema symptoms. These are often brought on by sleep disturbance which is a common side effect to a patient dealing with eczema. Itching often gets worse at night, which could be because the patient is not distracted during the late night hours. The lack of sleep can create a really unpleasant sleep cycle for patients.

Those who suffer from atopic dermatitis can find relief when preventing flare ups. Long-lasting atopic dermatitis can cause long term effects if symptoms are not managed.

Eczema can be one of the most frustrating conditions, but you can find relief when using EczeMate. EczeMate not only helps relieve eczema symptoms it also helps heal skin to give permanent relief. Finding a way to manage symptoms can help improve the overall quality of life, including sleep, and avoiding long-term health issues.