Topical Steroid Addiction


For a number of years concerning skin disorder treatment the general public has been prescribed and has used topical steroids to treat a wide range of various skin associated problems, diseases and issues. It is cost effective, simple and easy to prescribe but what are the ramifications that are now showing up with this regimen?

Topical steroid addiction is real and it is rampant.

What is it?

Topical steroid addiction is also known and “red skin syndrome ” or RSS. When you use topical steroid creams and ointments for any skin issue you typically apply it 1-3 times per day on the affected areas. It does help the skin but what happens is that the skin becomes dependent on the steroid. If you quit using the steroid the skin flares and in most cases the original issue becomes worse. With topical steroid use your skin becomes dependent on the steroid. As with any addiction it quickly spirals out of control and you will need more and more as time goes by.

How do you know if it affects you?

If you have mild eczema or any mild skin issue and you are using the topical steroid to treat your affected areas and the issue flares up as soon as you miss an application then what does that tell you? You are not treating the root of the problem, alas, you are putting a Band-Aid on it and eventually it will flare if you stop using the Band-Aid. This is how your skin becomes addicted to the topical steroid use. Almost always with topical steroid use when the user stops treatment the skin flares up worse than the original issue was to begin with. Does this sound familiar to you? This affects nearly all topical steroid users.

Why is this something to consider?

The more you use a topical steroid the less effective it becomes for you. Your body builds up immunity to the product and its effectiveness is diminished over time of use. This cycle renders the steroid addictive because the user then believes more will be needed and so the never ending cycle continues.

How do you end this cycle of topical steroid addiction?

Stop using the product, period. Find a natural solution that does not carry this horrible and counterproductive addiction cycle. Eczemate is all natural and non-addictive! There will be a short period of time that the skin will flare, allow time for the steroid to get out of your system and you will find a natural product, Eczemate, will end this vicious addiction cycle once and for all.

Do you want to be constrained to using more and more of a product until its effectiveness is almost unnoticeable? Topical steroid addiction is real but can be ended here, today.