Dealing with Genital Eczema


While we might shy away from talking about genital eczema openly it is a real condition and a surprisingly high number of people who suffer from eczema have it on or near their genital area. Eczema treatments can significantly reduce problem area flare ups and end the embarrassment of genital itching from genital eczema.

Psychological Stress

Genital eczema is accompanied by embarrassment and stress because, let’s face it, it itches in places no one wants to scratch in public. There is a stigma associated with the genital area and for most people having anything flare up in that area is very stressful. The genital area is very much a part of the intimacy experience and those who suffer from genital eczema have an added extra stress. Eczema is not a STD but can be mistaken for one by a sexual partner. Treating eczema particularly in the genital area is important in reducing the psychological stress associated with any issues that may involve intimate areas of the body.


  • Educate your sexual partner about your eczema and the fact that it is not contagious.

  • Treatment is your next step. Use EczeMate every day on affected areas

  • Bathing in cooler water will also help to not exacerbate the affected area.


Physical Pain and Discomfort

While patches on your arm are irritating and should be treated equally, an affected genital area is, by far, a red flag area to pay particular attention to. For males and females alike this can cause undo physical pain and discomfort. Be vigilant to treat the affected area regularly to avoid an unnecessary flare ups. Urine and sweat will potentially irritate the affected area, be sure to keep the area dry and clean, as well.

Maybe it is embarrassing to talk about but genital eczema affects a great deal of eczema sufferers. EczeMate can make a difference in your overall psychological and physical stress associated with genital eczema. Sooth your mind and your body with EczeMate.