4 Tips for Parents on Providing Eczema Relief for Their Children


Eczema is a non-communicable condition of the skin that usually is symptomatic with itching, inflammation of the skin and rashes. The skin can be painful, red and even erupt in blisters. Eczema flare-ups can appear on the arms, legs, hands, and face. One of the most difficult parts of the condition is the itch can be severe, often interrupting sleep. Then with the scratching the skin can be broken and possibly lead to infection. Children suffer greatly, and here are some tips to provide some symptom relief from eczema:

1. Halt the cycle of Itch/Scratch

If the itching is getting out of control, it can be helpful to do a skin “reset” by the following:

  • Take a short bath with lukewarm water. It washes away any potential or irritation allergens making the itching worse, and also hydrates the skin.
  • Immediately after pat the skin dry and quickly apply a good amount of lotion and/or, if necessary, medication.

2. Apply EczeMate

Eczema is commonly found irritating certain parts of the body more than others, specifically the elbows and knees. One helpful method is to take a clean, cotton sock and cut off the toe-end. After applying EczeMate to the affected area, gently pull over the elbows or knees (or wherever else you think this treatment might be effective) in order to keep the ointment from being rubbed off the affected area. The pain and discomfort of the itch is lessened within minutes. Continue with applications of EczeMate as needed when it is rubbed off from contact with clothes, or after a shower. The objective is to keep the ointment on the skin continuously until desired results. EczeMate will alleviate the inflammation and clear the skin within days.

3. Children who deal with eczema are Warriors

Empowering children with eczema goes a long way in your child’s ability to deal with their condition. It is helpful to take the time to educate people in your child’s life of the condition, and help them encourage your child with positive feedback. Sometimes all it takes is a little information delivered in a simple way to take the mystery out of eczema for those who do not have it and do not know anything about it. You will find that as you give your child the gift of empowerment and strength through an encouraging community, positive reassurance, and tools they can use themselves, they can navigate this disease with hope and optimism. Your child is a warrior and can be strengthened through the serious challenges they experience due to eczema.

4. Gather in your Resources

You do not have to isolate yourself! Connect with others who deal with eczema. It really helps to know you are not alone, and your child is not isolated by their condition. Families suffer through eczema together and finding people who have similar experiences helps provide support and confidence that is so vital to discovering answers to the many questions brought about through the condition. There are support groups and other organization that can be found through a little research and talking with your doctor.