How Does Eczema Affect Your Life?


Suffering from a skin disorder such as Eczema can have an affect on every part of your life. Eczema flare-ups can happen at important and inconvenient times in your life, such as right before a big meeting or a major life event. Stress has been a known to make eczema worse, and there are some specialists that specifically study how the mind affects skin disorders.

One way to lessen eczema flare-ups is by managing stress. Studies show that one of the most successful methods to help control a skin disorder is through controlling emotional stress. Here are some techniques to effectively manage stress in your life:

  • Find Support – Having a skin disorder can be embarrassing which can add to your daily anxiety. Finding a support group or someone who understands what you are going through to talk to, can really help alleviate stress and give you ideas on how to deal with your eczema successfully.

  • Get Enough Rest – Sleep is a great way to reduce stress. It is difficult to sometimes sleep when your eczema is flaring-up and itchy, being able to control symptoms by using Eczemate will allow you to get the rest you need.

  • Exercise – Another great way to release stress in through exercise. Walking, running, or biking are all great ways to improve your overall mental health. Be mindful as sweat can be a trigger for eczema, just make sure to shower with lukewarm water after any exercise to remove the sweat from your skin.

  • Relaxation – Yoga and visualization are great ways to relieve pressure. Finding what works for you is important. It could be listening to relaxing music, meditation, or journaling. It is key to find something that you enjoy and you dedicate a few minutes to it everyday.

  • Enjoyment – Take the time to find a hobby or participate in something you enjoy. This might be reading a book, doing crafts, playing sports, or some other activity. Finding something you enjoy will help you take your mind off of your cares and make you feel great.

  • Talk – There are a lot of benefits in being able to talk about the stress of life with a counselor or therapist. Sometimes it is just enough to talk about issues you are having to relieve stress.