Beating the Eczema Winter Woes


Every mom who deals with infant and childhood eczema knows that those beautiful white drifts, the ones everyone else calls a “winter wonderland,” can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort for her baby. The dry, cold air of winter can dry out their already sensitive skin. Little eyes can water more from chilly wind, increasing eczema outbreaks on the face, while toddlers find themselves falling into snow banks while they try to play and have fun in the snow. It can be a heartbreaking thing to watch your child suffer just because they want to play and it sends a mom searching the internet for eczema symptom relief.

Avoiding Steroid Creams

The “eczema mom” road can be difficult to navigate. Many moms feel caught between the need to comfort their child and stop the painful outbreaks on their skin, and the need to avoid over application of the corticosteroid creams that are prescribed for eczema treatment. Even just a cursory study of steroid side-effects can have a mom worried about stunting her child’s growth or weakening his immune system. Many a mom has spent sleepless nights comforting a baby who is hurting and felt helpless that she couldn’t do more to ease the pain of her child’s eczema.

All-Natural Hope and Help

For those moms looking for ways to comfort their child: there is help and hope for you and your child.

EczeMate, a new product, made of all-natural, FDA approved ingredients, is giving new hope and happiness to eczema sufferers. With no steroids to worry about, no perfumes and dyes to irritate tender baby skin, and no petrochemicals to cause side-effects, EczeMate gives relief and healing without fear and worry.

Now moms can treat eczema flare-ups as necessary, nurturing their children with an all-natural product they can trust. They can also use EczeMate as a preventive barrier to the winter drying and cracking that their children have suffered from, applying a thin layer to susceptible skin.

With EczeMate at your fingertips these snowy days really can be a winter wonderland of pain-free fun for the little ones we love the most.