Christel’s Story

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Like every other eczema sufferer, Christel tried countless prescriptions, over the counter, and homemade remedies to relieve her eczema.

She recalls being a young girl with eczema on her arms and hands and how it impacted everything in her life from sports to friendships. It was very painful and kept her up at night.

She couldn’t find anything to resolve it so she just lived with it until her twenties.

Water was like putting acid on her hands, it was very painful. It was a struggle to take a shower or go swimming.

She would break down and cry because of how she looked and because of the pain. She would unknowingly scratch in the middle of the night and wake up with bloody sheets.

She went from being a child to an adult in her twenties suffering with eczema. She forgot what it was like to have normal skin. Her whole life all she knew was eczema.

Her boyfriend found the EczeMate website online when she was twenty two. She started using this treatment and it began to work. She was afraid that it would stop working, but it didn’t.

After a month, her skin cleared up. Then a year passed, then two, three, and four years. She has gone 12 years without eczema!

She gets in the shower with no pain and washes dishes without gloves. As Christel says in the video “I even forgot that I had eczema!”