Natural Eczema Treatment Options


Anyone dealing with eczema knows that the best practice method for dealing with the red, itchy skin associated with this skin disorder is to keep the skin properly protected with the use of ointments and emollients and avoid painful skin flare-ups. When these flare-ups do occur the standard prescription ointments usually contain a topical steroid. But many eczema patients are searching for a more natural eczema solution.

Why Steroids?

Steroids are either a naturally occurring hormone or a synthetically made product that mimics the effects of the natural hormone when applied to the body. Topical steroids are used because of their ability to reduce the redness, itchiness, and inflammation associated with an eczema flare-up and give the body time to heal.

These steroids are not the same as those used in birth control or body building and are generally considered safe when their usage instructions are followed with exactness. However, many people are searching for natural alternatives to synthetic steroids because even with the steroid creams they are finding that the discomfort of eczema continues. Even after they have already reached the maximum amount of ointment they can safely apply. They don’t want to risk some of the more negative side-effects of their prescriptions; thin skin, stretch marks, thin spidery blood vessels, increased fine hair growth, a change in skin color (if you have darker skin), and a potential worsening of other skin ailments such as acne or rosacea, if they need more relief. Studies have shown that following prescription directions properly can prevent these side effects, but the limitations can leave patients still suffering and longing for a solution that will give them greater treatment freedom.

Why Natural Treatments

That’s where natural ointments, like EczeMate, play a huge role in the comfort of those who struggle with eczema.

Ointments like this usually contain all natural ingredients that enhance the human body’s ability to heal itself by supporting the immune system and treating painful symptoms. These natural ingredients, most often from plant sources, can allow an eczema patient to treat their flare-ups without fear of surpassing the dosing guidelines of a steroid creams.

Natural Ingredients and Why They Work

Some ingredients found in EczaMate are Black Currant seed oil, rosehip oil, Sea Bucthorn oil, and flax seed oil. Here is a breakdown of the positive health benefits of each ingredient.

Black Currant Seed Oil

Black Currant seed oil is known to contain GLA, gamma-linolenic acid, a chemical that strengthens the human immune system, allowing it to fight infections. The oil also contains anti-swelling properties which can be very soothing to compromised skin, such as that of an eczema patient.

Rosehip Oil

Rose hip oil is naturally high in vitamin C, vitamin E, and Beta carotene, as well as anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids. These naturally occurring ingredients are used to stimulate natural collagen production, improve moisture levels in the skin, and the ability to penetrate to deep layers of the skin and encourage healing.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

Sea Buckthorn seed oil has been used as a natural skin treatment for 5,000 years. References to its use on the skin date back to ancient Tibet, during the Tang dynasty and is even mentioned in the records of Genghis Khan. This oil contains vitamin C at 12 times the amount found in oranges, contains vitamin E, vitamin A, and is the only plant source that contains omega 3, 6, 7, and 9. All of this combines to create an all natural oil that is anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and a natural support to the membranes of the skin, strengthening them from the inside out.

Flax Seed Oil

Flax seed oil has been grown and used as a treatment for skin ailments for over 7,000 years. Flax seed contains the omega 3 fatty acid which is the ingredient that makes it so valuable to skin treatments. This ingredient is anti-inflammatory and soothing to rashes, burns, and torn skin.
With easy to use creams such as EczaMate now available, eczema patients no longer have to suffer with flare-up pain and itchiness.