My Baby has Eczema


You just discovered a rough patch of skin on your baby’s arm. Thinking it will go away with a little lotion, you try not to worry. A few days later you notice behind his knees are looking raw, and his back is a little scaly. You make an appointment with the idea that with a little treatment and you will be past it. Perhaps under your pediatrician’s advice you choose to do a round or two of oral steroids and topical cortisone cream. This provides temporary relief, but for many parents when they learn that eczema, or “atopic dermatitis” is not an acute condition but rather a chronic one, many choose to seek out a natural eczema solutions approach than simply using synthetic drugs to treat.

Beyond pharmaceuticals to care for your baby’s eczema:

  • Consider swapping out chemical cleaners, lotions and soaps for natural ones. Things to avoid that are known irritants to sensitive skin include solvents, detergents, fragrances, synthetic fabrics and even smoke.
  • Be sure and wash all new clothes thoroughly before putting them on your baby.
  • Swap out synthetic fabrics for cotton/cotton-blend clothing. Even removing labels or wearing clothing seam-side out and cut down on skin irritation.
  • Use fragrance-free soaps and choose a second rinse cycle when you launder.
  • Steer clear of any potential for sunburn. Choose sunscreens that your doctor advises to be tolerated by those with eczema.
  • Be aware that overheating can increase the severity of the eczema
  • Avoid cat and dog dander
  • Always choose a mild soap, with a natural oil-base.
  • Consider using natural oil for hydrating skin such as coconut oil, sunflower or olive oils.
  • Search out other parents who have had success in treating their baby’s eczema beyond pharmaceuticals
  • Eczemate is an effective and supportive medication to treat eczema, made with natural, wild-harvested and organic ingredients.