Eczema Herpeticum


While there are the most common types of eczema there is a rare skin disorder one that most people have never heard of. It involves another virus that brings on the symptoms of eczema. Eczema herpeticum is an illness caused by the herpes virus.

What is it?

Eczema herpeticum causes a blister rash that makes the victim feel very ill. It is cause by the herpes virus type 1. This is the virus that causes cold sores. This rash spreads quickly all over the body and is miserable. It can take up to 12 days after being in contact with an infected person to see the rash develop.

Who Gets It?

This virus can happen at any age. Usually, however, small children get it more often especially if they have atopic eczema. The eczema causes breaks in the skin which are an ideal breeding ground for the virus. This makes it so other people who have cuts, burns or abrasions can also be susceptible.

What Are the Symptoms?

The person will develop a rash that looks like a bunch of blisters. This typically occurs where there have been eczema spots. The blisters are quite sore and itchy. It is most common on the face and neck but can develop on any part of the body. The blisters are usually all the same size. The blisters are filled with clear or yellowish pus and may ooze or weep. They do get crusty. The person who has these may feel unwell and have a low grade fever. The lymph nodes in the neck, armpits or groin may become sensitive or develop lumps.

Eczema Herpeticum can be treated and alleviated after being officially diagnosed. It is a rarer virus but is becoming more popular among people who suffer from atopic eczema. This is something to be aware of and watch out for.